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Developed by Shubham Banerjee, a 7th grade student from Santa Clara, California. BRAIGO is a Braille Printer using Lego Mindstorms EV3. This concept slashes the price of a printer from more than $2000 to around $350 for education, teaching and home use purposes. Thus giving a more cost effective printer for the disadvantaged.

Details about Braigo was published before and this page provides the build and download instructions as promised by Shubham Banerjee. The Braigo event calendar is published to facilitate anyone requesting Shubham's time for interviews or events.


Braigo *.ev3 file (Software) is now uploaded in the Lego mindstorms community page. For ease of access here is the link to download the .ev3 file. Detailed build instructions are being uploaded in YouTube Channel and also a PDF instruction file is available for download. Note: no clarification or comments will be entertained in this blog. Please follow the Lego Mindstorms community page. Since Shubham is a minor (12 years old) , discussion forums in the Lego community page is the safest way on the internet.

Note: This blog is to facilitate information sharing,written by Neil Banerjee @sociotechnocrat to share information about his son Shubham and the BRAIGO project. Braigo Facebook Page, Google+, YouTube Channel get updated by Shubham regularly. Any reporters or members of the media have full permission to re-use any of the media assets for publication purposes in this blog post without any attribution (hit the expand button on a photo to download higher resolution images) Contact at


Here are the youtube video links - [Full Build Instructions] [How to build the Print Head]

Below is a one pager of the concept - pricing of the components and parts are estimates. one can buy even cheaper versions elsewhere.


Here is the .ev3 project file - mother code i.e. the ability to print 6 dots. All letters and numbers are derived from this code


Below is the screenshot of the Mindstorms community page of Shubham Banerjee

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