Braigo - Shubham Banerjee event calendar for availability and booking

Please checkout Braigo Labs Inc. all updates will be published on the website from Aug 8, 2014 onwards

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This page provides public information of availability of Shubham Banerjee for interviews, conferences or at events. This provide input for anyone to check before planning to invite Shubham to any event. After checking the calendar , you can send an invitation directly or send an email to sociotechnocrat [at] gmail.


Details of Braigo and How to build information are available by clicking the links.


[Direct link to the calendar]


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Note: This blog post evolved over time; it was started by Neil Banerjee@sociotechnocrat to share information about his son Shubham and the BRAIGOproject after the news spread everywhere and Media started to look for information to publish the story. Braigo Facebook Page, Google+, YouTube Channel get updated byShubham regularly. Any reporters or members of the media have full permission to re-use any of the media assets for publication purposes in this blog post without any attribution (hit the expand button on a photo to download higher resolution images) Contact at

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